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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions have been compiled from questions asked during press briefings, emailed to or asked on 2-1-1.

For questions about COVID-19 vaccines in Alaska: Please visit the DHSS COVID-19 Vaccine Information for All Alaskans webpage.

For basic COVID-19 questions: Please visit the CDC’s Frequently Asked Questions webpage

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General Questions – Alaska’s Response

UPDATED 4/2/21

Staff and volunteer positions may be available to help with the COVID-19 response in Alaska. See below for a list of opportunities to match your skills with the right opening. This list will be updated with new information as other opportunities become available, so please check back regularly!

State of Alaska Employment:

Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, emergency management specialists, project managers, informaticists, data analysts, administrative staff – all of these positions and more are essential to the ongoing COVID-19 response and recovery. Positions are posted as needed for both short-term and long-term non-permanent opportunities. Individuals are needed to perform functions such as case investigations, contact tracing, logistics, testing support, data entry, and other critical duties.

Visit Workplace Alaska to check on the most recent job postings. Search for “public health” in Workplace Alaska job postings to find the most current opportunities. Each position lists a point of contact for questions regarding that specific job opportunity.

Volunteers – Licensed Healthcare Professionals:

Licensed healthcare professionals who would like to volunteer their time and skills in service to disaster response, including pandemics, are encouraged to register online at Alaska Respond. Please click on the Register Now button to begin the registration process. Registering as a volunteer does not require you to respond to all situations. Upon successful completion of the registration process, you will be eligible to be called upon for potential response efforts. You will be able to choose whether the requirements of deployment fit your availability. Alaska Respond staff members will work with you to ensure your preparation for any mission. Licensed healthcare professionals can also contact their local public health center to volunteer locally for a specific event or function.

UPDATED 3/22/21
Some people with disabilities may not be able to wear masks due to health and safety concerns. Individuals who state they have a disability that prevents them from safely wearing a mask should be allowed to enter a health care facility if doing so does not place others at risk or offered reasonable modifications to access the health care services. Reasonable modifications may include requiring use of a separate area for entrance/exit, exam, or treatment; scheduling these patients as the last appointments of the day; or increasing provider PPE.

Please note modifications may not be an option if:

  • It would fundamentally alter the service provided.
  • It would create undue burden such as significant difficulty or expense.
  • The individual poses a direct threat to the health or safety of staff and/or patients.

UPDATED 3/22/21

Compliance is recommended, not mandatory, but if you have any concerns, please email, or contact your local law enforcement authorities.

UPDATED 3/22/21

Depending on the location and testing capacity, it could be anywhere from a few hours to several days. Airport locations usually give results in 12 hours – 5 days but depending on volume the turnaround may be longer. The State’s testing dashboard provides 14-day average testing turnaround times for various labs operating in Alaska.

UPDATED 3/22/21

Many locations and communities offer free COVID-19 testing but health insurance may be billed or fees may apply. Please inquire about charges at your testing site.

UPDATED 3/22/21

The Alaska Testing Site Locator provides guidance on testing locations.

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