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Alaska Critical Infrastructure COVID-19 Community/Workforce Protective Plans

Resources from the Office of Governor Mike Dunleavy, Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, and Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

The Governor’s Health Mandate 10 directs: “Non-resident travelers to arrive with a negative COVID-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to departure or proof of a pending test result from a test taken within 72 hours prior to departure.  Critical Infrastructure workers will continue to travel under existing Community/Workforce Protective Plans on file with the State of Alaska.  More information can be found on the Alaska COVID19 traveler site at

The Governor’s Health Mandate 12 directs: “All in-state travel between communities, whether resident, worker, or visitor, is prohibited unless travel is to support critical infrastructure, or for critical personal needs.”

If your business meets the criteria identified in Alaska Essential Services and Critical Workforce Infrastructure Order, and your workers must either travel between Alaskan communities or travel to enter Alaska and begin work on critical infrastructure before their self-quarantine period is complete, you must submit a plan or protocol for maintaining critical infrastructure to the Unified Command as soon as possible. The plan must outline protective measures your business will enact in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and not endanger lives in the communities in which you operate, of others who serve as a part of that infrastructure or the ability of that critical infrastructure to function.

Please submit protective plans by email to, and use the name of your business at the start of the email Subject line, and the start of the filename for any attached files.


If your company requests that the State of Alaska withhold any information contained in your Community/Workforce Protective Plan from public release because the information is protected under AS 40.25.120(a), you must submit the following information via email to

  1. identify each set of discrete information that the company asserts is protected;
  2. identify each specific legal authority that the company asserts applies to each such set of information; and
  3. for each such set of information, explain why the company asserts the information is protected based on each legal authority the company asserts applies to that information.

Please note your request that State of Alaska not disclose information your company asserts is protected is itself subject to disclosure under the Alaska Public Records Act. Accordingly, your company needs to do the same three things identified above for any information in your request that your company asserts is protected.